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Sugarpod, by Wellpepper is the winner of the Alexa Diabetes Challenge sponsored by Merck & Co.

Press Release

Sugarpod is:

  • An interactive diabetes care plan
  • An Alexa voice interface for people with diabetes
  • A voice-enabled scale and diabetic foot scanner

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Sugarpod Device
The Sugarpod voice-enabled scale and foot scanner which automatically checks for diabetic foot ulcers, a serious but often preventable complication of diabetes.

Demo Day
The scale harnesses the routine of weighing yourself to scan your feet. Alexa is embedded in the device, and reads back your weight, tells you if there are any problems with your feet, and prompts you through your self-management tasks.

Sugarpod Utterances
The voice interface supports people with diabetes by providing a broad range of information and interaction capabilities.

Device Prototype Evolution
The scale went through several design iterations during the course of the challenge. We unveiled the round device on Demo Day

Demo Day
Wellpepper CEO Anne Weiler (@annewellpepper) pitches Sugarpod on Demo Day at the AWS Pop-Up Loft in New York City on Sep 25 2017

Sugarpod Team Photo
Team Sugarpod

Sugarpod Demo Day Video


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